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Write For Us (marthawoods.com)

I’m Martha Woods, a paranormal romance writer who is looking for new authors to add to my blog. (The blog is updated daily with my own posts, but I also feature other great paranormal romance books from other writers that I just love.)

With so many paranormal romance books, I figure it’s a good place for writers to get some exposure. (You’ll need to keep with the blog’s email list to get featured though!) I’m not looking for erotic paranormal romance books, nor do I want ghost romance books, but all other paranormal romance book genres are welcome.

  1. Word Count: Submissions should be between a min of 500 to 750 words.
  2. Linking: Linking to another site or page is at the sole discretion of the editorial team. Links are more commonly granted to guest post writers with an author page, personal website, or Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  3. Originality: Your post must be unique to marthawoods.com. If you decide to feature the post on your personal or company blog/website after it publishes on our site, you must link back to the original post on marthawoods.com. We also ask that you promote your post via social media and we will do the same.
  4. Format and Style: Please format the post in a style that is easy to read.  Doing so will increase your chance of it being viewed by others.  It’s good practice to use subheads, bolding and numbering.
  5. Proof Read: The post should be free from typos, wordiness, and repetitive language.  We ask that you have a professional editor or a strong writer review your work before it is submitted to us. The post should be free from excessive exclamation marks and include a catchy, clickable headline (we can help you with this).

If you are interested, please send an email to martha@marthawoods.com with your idea for your guest post.