The Vampire’s Bond (Fatal Allure Book 5)

The Vampire’s Bond (Fatal Allure Book 5)

I have been through a lot this past year, physically and emotionally, and while I am generally able to stand back up and move on, this last round of violence has put me in a strange place.

I miss Damon, desperately, but I have also missed my work. I have missed being a true and trusted forensic investigator. Now I have nothing to do but focus on this work, as dark and frustrating as it can be sometimes.

 The media has dubbed the case the “Centerfold Murders,” a gangly, gumshoe reporter named Wes stringing together the similarities between the cases recently and asking the police to explain why they are not investigating things as a serial murder situation.

Because I am the only one who has expressed concern that these murders are too similar to be unconnected, Rick has put me back in charge of the investigation team, a decision that came with much grumbling. 

I’m just happy that everything is starting to return back to normal. A time before I knew anything about vampires, hunters or witches.

Or so I thought I was…

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